Monday, January 27, 2014

Led Zeppelin - 1985-07-13 - Live Aid (Complete, 22 min)

1985 war Robert Plant mit seiner Band in den USA auf Tour, Jimmy Page mit seinem Projekt "The Firm" ebenfalls. So kam es dann anlässlich des Live Aid Konzerts in Philadelphia zu einer Art Reunion, zu der John Paul Jones extra eingeflogen wurde und Phill Collins den Schlagzeugpart vom längst verstorbenen Zeppelin Drummer John Bonham (Bonzo) übernahm. Auch wenn es sicher bessere Konzerte von Led Zeppelin gab, war dies doch ein Highlight des Live Aid Konzerts - here we go :-)

The venom of so-called "Zep purists". I like both Zep and a fan of Phil Collins (his drumming in Genesis, Brand X and Robert's first two solo albums proved his worth to me IMHO). Robert picked Phil to play as this was to be Page, Plant and Collins. However when the late Bill Graham heard from Geldof that it was going to happen, he gave John Paul Jones a call and it became a Zeppelin reunion. Tony Thompson was there in case Phil couldn't make Philly. I have a weak spot for this gig as it was the show that sold me on Zeppelin as a 9 year old in 1985. BTW I thought Queen sucked that day (and I'm a fan but know that gig was boring compared to say Earls Court 1977, Houston Summit 1977, Montreal 1981 when they were still hungry and a four piece) Now that Freddie Mercury died, everyone looks at their Live Aid gig as monumental but at the time America and Canada didn't give a fuck. The US and Canada abandoned Queen due to their ongoing techno experiments (Hot Space and then "Radio Ga Ga" being hits and adding a keyboard player pissed the Americans off), the "I Want to Break Free" video and that prick manager Paul Prenter (who I hope is burning in Hell) who told Freddie to not play America unless they had a hit single bigger than "Crazy Little Thing" and "Another One Bites the Dust". Aside from the Queen strongholds of Boston, NYC, Philly and Chicago, the rest of America said "FUCK QUEEN". 
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