Sunday, August 23, 2015

Diehard Detroit (Time-Lapse/Tilt-shift)

Timelapsed gibt's ja wie Sand am Meer mittlerweile, aber kombiniert mit -Tilt-Shift Technik ergibt das ein ganz besonderes Videoerlebnmis - viel Spaß :-)

Watch Detroit's beautiful decay and and the amazing city beyond it.
A time lapse/aerial/tilt shift film by Joerg Daiber.
Shot at the Michigan Theater, Packard Plant, Michigan Central Station, Lee Plaza Hotel, around the Masonic Temple and the Heidelberg Project and many other abandoned buildings and locations around Downtown in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

A Tribute To John Horvath (Fort Knox Five) - R.I.P.

R.I.P. John Horvath from @fortknoxfive
and Thank you for the Music!
You made so much music that delighted my life since 2003 that I just had to make this little tribute mix. Just threw a bunch of my favourites by FK5 in a playlist and mixed them live. No tricks, no edits, no overdubs.

01 Fort Knox Five - Rastarollarink
02 Fort Knox Five - Radio Free D.C. (instr)
03 Empresarios - Space Selecta (Fort Knox Five Remint)
04 Fort Knox Five - The Brazilian Hipster
05 See-I - Soul Hit Man (The Funk Hunters Remix)
06 Empresarios - María Juana (Fort Knox Five Remix)
07 Fort Knox Five - Funk 4 Peace feat Mustafa Akbar
08 Sub Swara - The Balance (fort Knox Five Remix) [feat. Fort Knox Five And Mat The Alien]
09 Fort Knox Five - Fifth of Cool J (Edit)
10 Fort Knox Five - Pressurize the Cabin (feat. Vokab Kompany)
11 Opiuo - Wiggle Sticks (Fort Knox Five Remix)
12 Fort Knox Five - 24 Hours to Set It Off (feat. Sleepy Wonder)
13 Fort Knox Five - Killa Soundboy feat Sleepy Wonder & Zeebo
14 Fort Knox Five - The Power Of Five
15 Fort Knox Five - Blowing up the Barrio (Mo' Horizons Soundsystem Restyle - Remastered)
16 Fort Knox Five - Dodge City Rockers (All Good Funk Alliance Mix)
17 Afrika Bambaataa - Got That Vibe (Fort Knox Five instr)
18 Fort Knox Five - What Make You Dance (Kraak & Smaak Dutch Oven Remix)
19 Fort Knox Five - Shift (Deekline & Dustin Hulton Instrumental Remix)
20 Fort Knox Five - The Big Score (Original Mix)
21 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Soul Shakedown Party (Fort Knox Five Remix - 7" Edit)

Los Angeles

"This is the city-wide follow up to my aerial exploration of downtown Los Angeles from last year ( And much like with downtown, I continue to be awe struck by how much of this vast city I have partially or completely overlooked before undertaking this video. And like most voyages of discovery, I've realize there’s so much more to find.
Packing it all into one short-form video has been nigh impossible and much didn’t make it for safety, privacy or simply because I couldn't make it 30 minutes long! Notably missing are: LAX Theme Building, both Gettys, some Lautner homes, numerous beautiful buildings, the Gabba gallery, many murals that vanished before I got to them, and much of downtown featured in last year’s video.
A map of the locations is here:
The music is BLu ACiD’s electro-blues adaptation of “If You Ain’t Never Had The Blues” by Boo Boo Davis and is used with permission. I felt it fitting to a city of eclectic styles and influences, equal parts refined and rough edges. The version used here is my own extended edit.

Droning For Good
With all the controversy about drones, it’s important to remember that they can be (and often are) used responsibly. As with many emerging technologies, the laws struggle to keep up and we must employ a common sense approach to their use that is respectful to community, safety and the law.
My Drone Protocol
- Avoid busy periods, rush hours, special events, etc.
- Avoid sensitive areas or anything that can be misconstrued without prior permission.
- Avoid crowds. Small groups only from the periphery with ground spotters and two-way radios.
- No flights near airports, TFR areas and restricted airspace (FAA class B, C, D).
- Be prepared for local air traffic below 400ft including awareness of helipad locations.
- Operate at or below roof lines to assure separation from air traffic.
- Avoid “loitering" next to residential homes and apts.
- Respect residential areas for quiet and right to privacy.
- Eliminate any material that inadvertently reveals someone in a place of privacy.
For queries regarding my aerial filming, please contact me by email,"

Los Angeles from Ian Wood on Vimeo.

Summer Special Mix 2 - Back on Tracks

Go Delhi Go | Hyperlapse

"It's been exactly a year that I moved to Delhi from Bangalore. But all this time, I never really got a chance to go out and fall in love with the city until lately.
Last one month was spent making this video. From the ancient city of Indraprastha to the seven cities during Muslim rule and now to the Lutyen’s Delhi, Delhi has seen thousands of years of being a capital. And years form now, no matter how we humans do as a species, Delhi will remain alive in some form."

Go Delhi Go | Hyperlapse from ETHEREAL on Vimeo.

René & Bacus ~ Tobago Afro Deep House Trip (Mixed 21st August 2015)


What started as the DC Downhill Club (DCDC) has grown into DC Drain and Clean - a group of skateboarders from the Washington, DC area who have made it their mission to seek out backyard pools to drain and skate - making unique friendships along the way.


DCDC from Run Riot on Vimeo.

WTFunk - Funky House Mix (2015)

Pakistan - The Land of Pure

Nice images of a very nice country :-)

Pakistan - The Land of Pure from Usman Zubair on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Modern Boogie Mixtape Side Two-Superbreak

Summer at last. The beaches are overflowing; the rides are running, and fireworks light up the nighttime air. Winter lasts a lifetime; summer is but a fleeting dream. This is a tribute to another passing of the season that seems to be gone before it even begins. For some it will be their first, and for others it will be their last. But here in New York, it's just one more summer...

One More Summer In The Big City from Colby Moore on Vimeo.

Jazzmen Of The House: warrior mix

Hi clouderz,
Here my new training for this end of Holiday, a selection of three Jazzmen of the house.
A Trenty G.U with a hint of lavender sprinkled with a finger Kousei for the end(@oshm90s)
I hope you will like the taste of this session.

Down To Nothing

This harrowing expedition pushed a group of mountaineers to the mental and physical brink; carving them Down To Nothing. A six-person team from The North Face and National Geographic attempted to summit an obscure peak in Myanmar (Hkakabo Razi) to determine if it is Southeast Asia’s highest point. The expedition members, led by The North Face athlete and Telluride mountaineer Hilaree O’Neill include, videographer Renan Ozturk, climber Emily Harrington, and National Geographic author Mark Jenkins, photographer Cory Richards, and basecamp manager Taylor Rees.

Down To Nothing from The North Face on Vimeo.

deeper in the undergrowth


1. Personnes profondes _ Detroit People Mover
2. All We Schould (Beatless Edit) _ Stephan Zovsky
3. Unknown Pt.1 _ Unknown
4. Capture Of The Beast _ Fred Berthet
5. Day One _ Jose Padilla
6. Playin _ Troy Gunner
7. I Have A Tribe (Frank Wiedemann Remix) _ Yellow Raincoats
8. Indie Rubels _ Bog, Jonas Saalbach
9. Loving You Feat. Lulu James (Moon Boots Remix) _ Lane 8, Lulu James
10. Moonrise _ Masomenos
11. Counting Days Ft. Forrest (Timelapse & Manert Remix) _ Superlounge, Forrest
12. Messin (Shades Up Dub) _ Navid Izadi
13. Matters Of Depth _ SB'
14. Intention _ Dance Spirit, Mia Lucci
15. White Noise (Shahrokh Dini Remix) _ Bar
16. Musicians _ Cubicolor
17. Karma _ HerrJuri
18. Crash Landing On Laputa _ Powel

Enjoy, and have a sunny weekend out there :-)))

2015 ICP Infinity Awards Photojournalism: Tomas van Houtryve

The fundamentals of warfare are changing in the United States.
Pilots, sitting in a shipping container in Nevada, are waging war all over the world using drones that can stay in the air for days at a time. Their bombs represent an increasingly significant part of the United States global war on terror, and it’s being done largely in secret.
The details and reasonings for these strikes are classified, kept away from the scrutiny of the media.
Tomas van Houtryve wanted to find a way to visualize this war.
“If we don't ever see who are victims are, then that empathy never kicks in.
I want there to be a permanent visual record of the dawn of the drone age, the period in American history when America started outsourcing their military to flying robots,” said van Houtryve.
In order to create this record, van Houtryve sent his own drone into American skies.
“I decided to attach my camera to a small drone and travel across America to photograph the very sorts of gatherings mentioned in strike reports from Pakistan and Yemen - weddings, funerals, groups of people praying or exercising.
By creating these images, I aim to draw attention to the changing nature of personal privacy, surveillance, and contemporary warfare,” said van Houtryve.
Publish Date: May 1, 2015

2015 ICP Infinity Awards Photojournalism: Tomas van Houtryve from MediaStorm on Vimeo.
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