Monday, January 27, 2014

Funky Fox!

SoulSistas And SoulBruthas! YO! How's everyone doing? Hope you're good. An alternate title for this mix would be "Stuff That I Wish I Had The Originals On Vinyl!" I've only been really digging for records a few years now and I got in the game rather late so lots of these super obscure tracks are really hard to track down or, if they got flipped in Hip Hop are out of this Brutha's price range. Luckily, there are some really dedicated folks out there raiding the vaults of these long forgotten record labels and discovering some really incredible stuff. If you dig a track, just enter the artist and title in your favourite web search engine and you'll no doubt be directed to the specialty labels and albums these songs come from. The mix leans on the Funky side for the first half and transitions to some really excellent Soul cuts towards the end. 
I hope you DIG IT!! And I'll catch you on the FLIP!! 
Peace and SOUL, 
HSB DaveB.

Phettes Ding :-)))

via mc.
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