Sunday, June 27, 2010

Iggy Pop & The Stooges: Tour Rider

Damit die Tour einer Band auch immer gut funktioniert, braucht es einen "Tour Rider". Hier wird festgehalten, was die Band alles braucht, auf der Bühne, im Hotel, welche Blumen gewünscht sind usw...  nichts wird dem Zufall überlassen.

So braucht Marilyn Manson zu jedem Konzert "4 x 150g Haribo Gold Bears Gummi Bears (must be Haribo Gold Bears)”.

Für Iggy Pop & The Stooges hat dies der Roadie Jos Grain auf immerhn 18 Seiten festgehalten. Hier ein paar Auszüge, falls jemand Iggy buchen möchte :-) Scheint ja ein echt lustiger zu sein, dieser Jos. Besonders gelungen finde ich die Ausführungen um vegetarischen Essen...

“About Iggy’s vocal – we need lots. The best thing is, make it strong and punchy, a bit like a boxing kangaroo. Then turn it up. When you think you have turned it up enough, turn it up some moreA tsunami of voice.”
“GUITAR (clear and bright like the sound of jackboots upon wet cobblestones): For the sidefills, can we have two great big enormous things please, of a type that might be venerated as gods by the inhabitants of Easter Island, capable of reaching volumes that would make Beelzebub soil his underpants, and driven by amplifiers that could provide the power for a Monster Truck Rallye.”
“Here are several quick ways to find out if the wedges you are using are NOT really suitable:
1. They were removed from the parcel shelf of a 1974 Ford Cortina.
2. When you look underneath, it says “© The Disney Corporation – collect all from Burger King™”
3. They can be easily lifted above head height – by your wife.”
“2 large industrial fans to be provided on stage and one in the dressing room for use by the drummer. He’s practicing that scarf thing that they used to do in Bon Jovi and Heart videos.”
“Dinner for ten people should be available. We need to have a selection of chicken, fish and vegetarian food. (Er…calling Germany… Vegetarian means “does not have any meat in it”. That includes sausage. And whatever “Speck” is.)”
“1 x case of big bottles of good, premium beer. You decide. Here’s a clue – it probably won’t start with a letter “B” and end with “udweiser”.”
“Cauliflower / broccoli, cut into individual florets and thrown immediately into the garbage.”
“A copy of the New York Times. Recent. In fact, today’s would be nice.”


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