Thursday, June 3, 2010

The real Body Shop

Darauf hat die Welt gewartet: Gunther von Hagen eröffnet einen Laden in Guben an der polnischen Grenze; und damit so lauffaule Menschen wie ich nicht alle hinfahren müssen, kann man die ganze Sache auch bald online bestellen. Yepp, ich nehm, glaube ich, ein Elefantenohr, aber nur vom afrikanischen Elefanten, sonst passt das nicht übers Bett 8-)

Bild: This is your body on music

Stuck for that last minute gift? Fed up with buying after-shave for your husband? Gunther von Hagens, better known as Doctor Death, has just the thing for you. A real human testicle, a snip so to speak, at €360 (£305)? Or, something for the mantlepiece: a blackened smokers lung, going for €3,600. And, a good-luck present perhaps for a medical student about to sit his finals —a sliver of human brain To Go.
Technically he is only supposed to sell the chunks of human to doctors, universities, teaching institutions. “We mark those bits with a red spot,” said a sales assistant at the body shop. “And if you buy a bit of elephant or rhino you will have to sign a form. Everything else marked with a green spot can be bought without restrictions.”
In fact, say customers, the controls are lax and you can pile up your shopping basket with most internal organs.
Soon the shop will have an online outlet, saving the journey to Guben in the far east of Germany. 
Some 100 human and animal — including ducks, a giraffe and crocodiles — body parts are available for purchase.
Sliced-through segment of lower human leg: €80
Slice of hand: €185
Human testicle: €360
Cross-section of the human pelvis: €300
Head and brain per slice: €1,500
Charred lung of a smoker: €3,600.
Full cross-section of a body: €11,000.
And for those unhappy about having a dead human hanging around the house, Horse’s hoof: €125.
 via nerdcore & timesonline.
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