Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surfing the Arctic Ocean

Abgefahrene Idee: Zum Surfen Richtung Nordpol :-) Yassine Ouhilal ist Fimemacher und hat sich mit 4 Profisurfern auf einen interessanten Trip begeben. Tolle Bilder sind dabei entstanden:

We’ve been driving for 14 hours straight. Just as we’re about to give up on surfing for the day, Whitehead spots the fluorescent lines of whitewater squiggling into a bay. Ouhilal stops the car on the roadside. “Yeah, that’s surfable,” he says. Whitehead jumps into the backseat and rustles through the nest of wetsuits. Minutes later, he vanishes into a thicket of thorny bushes and bounds down the snow-and-moss-covered rocks that lead to the beach. By the time Ouhilal and I make it to the clearing, ten minutes later, Whitehead is paddling for his first wave, a neck-high point break that lazily arches its back along an exposed black-rock reef and then catapults him down a wall of glassy water. I watch as he rides a few feet in front of me, the wave’s face reflecting the crescent moon before it shoots him into inky blackness.

via welikethat.
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