Friday, August 6, 2010

Batman joins Motörhead

... weil er keinen Bock mehr auf seine Kumpels aus der Justice League hat - nicht die schlechteste Entscheidung, Man :-)

When the Justice League of America refuses to investigate the death of a rising star in Gotham City’s heavy metal scene who appears to have passed away from natural causes, Batman gets fed up with their rules and quits, leaving the murderers to think they’ve gotten away! But what they don’t know is that Batman has another card up his sleeve: The Ace of Spades! Now teamed up with his new partners, Mikkey Dee, Phli Campbell and the unstoppable force known only as Lemmy, Batman and Motörhead must solve the case of the man who was… Killed By Death!
(Based on the cover of “Batman and the Outsiders” #1)
via nerdcore.
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