Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Doggies on their Trip to Kabul

Die Schweizer Gruppe "Skate to Kabul" sammelt gebrauchte Boards und schickt sie nach Kabul um Skateistan zu unterstützen, ich hatte schon mal von diesem tollen Projekt berichtet. Hier eine sehr nettes Video, dass den Weg der Boards zeigt, inkl. ICE und Frankfurt Flughafen, sehr schön :-)))

 Through collecting used skateboard-equipment SKATE TO KABUL supports SKATEISTAN, the first skateboard school in Afghanistan.

• Donated gear is tagged with the name, address and email of the donor. Kids and teenagers from both cultures can contact each other and communicate. They can skate across the cultural gap, as it were.

• SKATE TO KABUL allows Swiss youngsters to make a contribution, by directly supporting kids the same age in Afghanistan. It will allow them to understand more of the dramatic situation in Afghanistan.

This short clip shows the travels of part of the donated skateboarding equipment, from Basel to Kabul. The rest will be shipped in a container.

Here you can find an earlier post, describing this great project.
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