Saturday, October 16, 2010

3D Projections

Unglaublich, was hier gezeigt wird. Projektion - ok, 3D-Effekte - ok... aber hier bewegt sich ja das ganze Gebäude... super gemacht vom NuFormer Team.

NuFormer - California, USA. August 2010 from NuFormer Projection on Vimeo.

NuFormer was invited by an international organization to design and develop a demo of a 3D projection on a building in California, USA. The façade of this modest building turns into a middle-age wall, hiding and showing surrealistic elements. It also turns into an African jungle cabin and later into a US metrostation. Even the whole building flips over! High standard 3D modeling and animation, skillful 2D compositing with eye for detail and supreme mapping. This projection was executed on August 2010. Full production by NuFormer, in corporation with Creative Technology USA.
via mr.honk.
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