Monday, October 25, 2010


evelienlohbeck hat ein tolles Video erstellt, mit dem sie auf die Shortlist von youtube kam. Zu recht, wie ich meine, zu recht :-) Toll gemacht!

Great work!!! Evelien sez:

Noteboek (English title: Notebook) consists of 4 short experimental films where I try to confuse the reality.
In these films, illusions and expectations are challenged.
I used several animation techniques to make this film like stop-motion and rothoscopy. 
Noteboek is a short film and part of my graduation project (2008).
If you want to see more work please visit:
Music: The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army.
This video has been shortlisted for YouTube Play. See the shortlist at

Thanks to Jacques, who posted it on facebook :-) Bedankt!!!
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