Friday, November 12, 2010

Banana - laser engraved

Gestern hatte ich dieses Bild schon mal gesehen. Jetzt hat der Künstler, Wouter Walmink, noch ein Video nachgelegt, um zu zeigen, dass es kein Fake war. Nett - übrigens braucht er 15 min. pro Banane :-)))

Yesterday, this decorative banana was featured on BoingBoing. Some folks over there were convinced the laser-engraved banana was a fake, because (1) the pattern looks like an overlay, (2) the hand is too small compared to the banana and (3) none of the fingers actually curl around the banana.I guess only a video would convince the true non-believers. Granted, I could have imposed the pattern on this video as well, but that would take much more time than just engraving the banana (which took about 15 minutes).

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