Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Mandalas haben mich schon immer beeindruckt. Nicht nur die Geduld und Ruhe, die nötig ist diese tollen Kunstwerke fertig zu stellen, beeindrucken, auch sind die Ergebnisse einfach genial!!! Meine Hochachtung :-)

Mandala House of Commons 2008, created for visit by Dalai Lama
chenrezigPhoto: Colonel Warden

It seems inconceivable to any lover of art that people could devote time and incredible effort to the creation of truly stunning works of art, only to eradicate them from existence again, shortly after completion. This is, however, an amazing aspect of the Buddist religion that defies description, reflecting on an aspect of their beliefs that brooks no criticism.
The Mandala, according to those religions that subscribe to it, is a type of prayer to the gods, asking for favour in some particular matter or other. Each mandala is regarded as a sacred place in itself, a place of the ‘pure Budda’ where gods can roam freely. So the Mandala is an aid to meditation, a doorway to the higher realms of consciousness.
Detail of Dromste Gompa Mandala
mm4Photo: diensthuber

Another complex creation
sandPhoto: Ma Lei
via environmental graffiti.
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