Monday, November 8, 2010

Only the Brave

Ich glaube, Segeln ist doch nicht ganz das Wahre für mich. Vielleicht fange ich mal ganz gemächlich mit dem Tretboot-Schein an :-)

This is what luck looks like. Luck, combined with a whole lot of skill. Notice the person at the front. I'm sure they're locked in with a harness, but that would still be a wild ride.
The harbor is Svaneke, a town on an island in the Baltic Sea. According to this thread at the Wooden Boat Forum, local guides say you shouldn't even attempt entering Svaneke harbor during strong onshore winds. I have no idea what prompted this crew to take a shot, but I'm guessing they decided the alternatives were worse.
Thanks to Happy Mutant role model Marti Siebert for the video!
via boingboing.
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