Saturday, November 20, 2010

Small World Photography Competition

And here are.... the winners :-)))

A nice collection of stunning images from the Nikon Small World Photography Competition...

This photograph of a bird of paradise seed (Strelitzia reginae) at 10 times the normal size won fifth place. It was taken by Viktor Sykora of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

This photograph of a live specimen of Orange Fungia, or mushroom coral, magnified 166 times won 13th place. It was taken by James Nicholson of NOAA’s Coral Culture and Collaborative Research Facility.

This photograph of a Reakirt’s blue butterfly (Hemiargus isola) egg on a pink powderpuff bud (Mimosa strigillosa) magnified 6 times was awarded an Image of Distinction. It was taken by David Millard of Austin, Texas.

via boingboing.
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