Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strawberry Fields

Alan hat in youtube eine Stereo Version des Beatles Songs "Strawberry Fields" bereitgestellt. Er hat die entsprechende Episode aus dem TV Cartoon von '67 mit Stereo Musik unterlegt, und hier ist das beeindruckende Ergebnis :-) Sehr schön gemacht!!!

Mal sehen, wann es wieder auf youtube gesperrt wird :-( Noch kann man es genießen :-)

Alan on youtube:
From 1967, with the song dubbed in a new stereo remix I made to expand the orchestral section! (...unlike the newly remastered "Magical Mystery Tour" CD!) This episode was inspired by the fact that the "Strawberry Field" of the song had been based on a real-life Salvation Army orphanage in Liverpool. When the Beatles stop by a dilapidated orphanage, the hostile attitude of the children (who are drawn in muted colors like the downtrodden Pepperlanders in "Yellow Submarine") is explained by the Beatles' driver, James, as being being due to their "sociological environment". So the Beatles set about to create an Elysian playground with song! John's "Musketeer Gripweed", of his film "How I Won the War", has a cameo! (Thanks, anti-wars!)
via dangerous minds.
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