Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ten Thousand

10000 (ten thousand) is the natural number following 9999 and preceding 10001.
Many languages have a specific word for this number: In English it is a myriad, in Ancient Greek μύριοι, in Aramaic ܪܒܘܬܐ, in Hebrew רבבה (revava), in Chinese 萬/万 (Mandarin wàn, Cantonese maan6), in Japanese 万/萬 [man], in Korean 万/만/萬 [man], and in Thai หมื่น [meun]. It is often used to mean an indefinite very large number.
And you all made this "indefinite very large number" appear on the counter here on the left. 10 000 clicks in 225 days means an average of 44 clicks a day... this is nice, isn't it :-)


2b continued... :-))))))
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