Saturday, January 8, 2011

Animal Farm

Wir hatten Orwells "Animal Farm" als Lektüre im Englisch Unterricht. Und es war schon verblüffend, welche Parallelen man zur Entwicklung des Systems im damaligen Osten, speziell der UdSSR ziehen konnte. Noch extremer wurde das ganze dann in der Zeichentrick Variante dargestellt, weit über Orwells Vorlage hinaus.

Und jetzt wird auch klar, warum: Der meistgesehene englische Zeichentrickfilm wurde vom CIA mitfinanziert, um im kalten Krieg Negativwerbung über den großen Feind im Osten zu machen. Mehr dazu bei dangerous minds.

Nett isser trotzdem, der Film :-) Ich glaube, das war das einzige mal, dass wir "in Englisch" einen Film sehen durften...:-(

Did you have the book and the film at school as well? Now it came out, that the CIA sponsored the British movie from 1955... wtf...
But there is an interesting back story of how Animal Farm came to be made that most people are probably unaware of: The most famous British animated film ever made was in fact financed by the American CIA in an effort to encourage a negative view of the Soviet Union.
In 1951, using American taxpayer dollars, the CIA’s Office of Policy Coordination carried out obtaining the rights to the book from Sonia Orwell, the author’s widow, in an operation run by future Watergate criminal E. Howard Hunt. Two members of the Psychological Warfare Workshop staff who were working in undercover in Hollywood made the arrangements. To thank Mrs. Orwell, the CIA arranged for her to meet actor Clark Gable. 
Vivien Halas, the daughter of the film’s directors, believes that her parents were innocent of knowing that the CIA was involved with the project:
“I don’t believe that my parents were aware of any CIA involvement at the time. Frances reminded me that, in the early 1950s, the CIA was not regarded with the same scorn as today. My father dismissed the idea, but my mother felt annoyed.” John Halas and Joy Batchelor would go on to do the Jackson 5ive and The Osmonds cartoons. Louis De Rochemont became paranoid about the CIA bugging him late in his life.
via dangerous minds.
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