Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Graffiti in Singapore

ELMAC ist ein großartiger Graffiti Künstler! Und er hat es tatsächlich geschafft in Singapur ein Graffiti vor den Augen der Polizei anzubringen, RESPEKT :-)

El Mac Singapore from Viet Nam The World Tour on Vimeo.

ELMAC is fantastic - this video was taken in Singapore, GREAT WORK!!!
El Mac joins Viet Nam The World in Singapore and doesn't get taken away by Singaporean police for public artwork!
Viet Nam The World Tour is a global movement of young artists and creative thinkers coming together in a new era of positive and poetic thought. We would love you to join us and will be heading to your part of the world soon. 

via welikethat.
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