Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Hero

Beeindruckendes Video mit Italo Romano!!! Und eine Einladung zu den X-Games hat er auch schon, super :-)

Some nice comments to Italo Romano's video on youtube:

"Sick! Wanna come to the X Games Italo? I'm a Sports Organizer for the X Games and would love to have you come down. Check out for more info on the Adaptive Skateboard Jam at X and my org Adaptive Action Sports. I also sent Ricardo, who I believed filmed this a message through Youtube with my personal contact also you can find me on Facebook. Get a hold of me if your down. Talk soon, Daniel Gale.
Our LA office and Director Oscar Loreto may try to contact you as well. Peace"
"This guy makes skateboarding more awesome than it already is... it means a lot. Keep it up ;)"
"Muito respeito!!!!! Exemplo a seguir! Quando quizer colar ai no RTMF é so avisar!" 
via beautiful decay.
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