Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kids Workshop - Good People doing bad Things

Tolle Idee, hätte mir als Kind sicher auch gefallen, hätte sogar jetzt noch Spaß daran: Ein Workshop, in dem man lernt, wie man Autos knackt, Kofferräume öffnet und Autos kurzschließt! Kein Shice, gibt es in L.A :-), wie Mark in seinem Blog berichtet.


Love this idea! Ok, I have to admit that I don't have a car, but even if... :-)))
Mark tells in boingboing:
Last weekend I took my daughter Jane and her friend Anna to a workshop in Los Angeles to teach them how to break into cars, get out of a lock car trunk, and hotwire a car.
The workshop was part of Machine Project's "Good People Doing Bad Things" curriculum and was conducted by Tom Jennings (the creator of FidoNet, the founder of one of the first Internet service providers, and the founder and publisher of the fanzine Homocore) and Jason Torchinsky (an artist, author, and Boing Boing guest blogger).
Then we all went downstairs and outside to where Mark Allen's (Director of Machine Project) locked car was parked.
Tom and Jason showed the kids the tools of the trade for getting into a locked car: a putty knife, a coat hanger, and a pair of pliers.
They let the kids figure out what to do, and with a little guidance the kids were successfully able to unlock the car.
Finally, Tom and Jason demonstrated how to hotwire a car, starting it without a key.
They didn't let the kids do this, because of the low voltage shock they might get. And in fact, Tom gave himself a couple of shocks during the demonstration, much to the delight of the kids.,,, more on boingboing.
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