Friday, January 21, 2011


Ein wirklich unglaublich toll gemachtes Stop Motion Video, und Preise hat es - völlig zu Recht - auch schon eingeheimst!  Aber irgendwie erinnert mich das an einen Schlachthof, was ja nicht unbedingt schlecht sein muss, für einen Beefeater wie mich :-)

Animation movie realized in Strasbourg in a first time, and then during a seven months residence taking place in a disused building of the Morvan hospital in Brest and at last in a farm shed of Kéraliou.
Decors are installations at human size, no miniaturised, of which each element was handmade.Characters are articulated wooden dummies also at human size and handmade.
The theme music is an original composition by Hamza Touré.
This movie received the first prize of animation movie at the Strasboug festival "Filmer en Alsace" in 2008, and nominated at the Berlin festival Illustrative in 2009
via kfmw.
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