Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meat Water

Das ist mal ein wahrer Energy Drink!!! Verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen sind erhältlich: Cheese Burger, Dirty Hot Dog, Fish’n Chips, Tandoori Chicken. Oder wie wär's z.B. sonntags mit Wiener Schnitzel-Geschmack? Immer gern mal genommen wird auch Leberwurstbrot, Currywurst, Sauerbraten, und abends noch einen Schluck Pizza Prosciutto, prost :-)))

What a drink :-)))
Remember John Travolta strutting down the street chowing on his double slices in Saturday Night Fever? Well we recreate the flavor of a brick-oven Bay Ridge slice by taking Tuscan prosciutto, San Marzano tomatoes, stinky gorgonzola, champignons and a hint of basil and putting all that into a super-nutricious Energy Drink that won’t get tomato sauce on your polyester suit!
Till Krautkrämer, inventor:
“The shrimp salad flavor is my favorite because it’s really, really tasty. That’s become the hero of the line because it can also double as an excellent vodka mixer,” he explained. “All four drinks are light and totally refreshing, exploding with 300 different flavors engineered by our pros.”
via crackajack.
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