Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reel Wisdom

Geballte Weisheiten aus 40 Filmen in 7 min. Kann ja ganz hilfreich sein, wenn man mal ein cooles Filmzitat sucht; und außerdem hört man die original Stimmen, was sonst in unserem Land nicht ganz so einfach ist :-)

I made this video because I love films and I think there is great wisdom inherent in the film medium. This video represents some of the best wisdom from films, edited together as a single coherent piece of advice on everything from life, death, and purpose, to anger, regret, and destiny. In creating this video, I tried to feature a broad array of films, from action/adventure and sci-fi films, to dramas and traditional/CG animated films in order to show how all genres of film have something important to say.
via misterhonk.
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