Friday, May 27, 2011

Moment of Impact

Faszinierende Fotos von Alan Sailer, mit selbstgebauter Blitztechnik und einer Nikon D 90. Wahnsinns Highspeed Fotos :-)))

Alan Sailer says he was an obscure photographer, working in his garage, shooting stuff with a pellet gun and capturing the results with a home-made microsecond flash. All it took was one picture to become a sudden hit on the social networks.
"My boss came by one day and told me my site was getting a huge number of views," he wrote on his Flickr page. "Emails from magazines, newspapers and even Good Morning America started clogging my FlickrMail box. It was very stressful."
Above, a lime and a lightbulb annihilate one another at great speed.

A gelatin-filled Christmas ornament disintegrates on contact with an old keyboard. Alan shoots his amazing photos using a hand-made, high-speed flash, which he constructed after studying articles at Scientific American and elsewhere: "If you do decide to try and build a flash from this information, please be careful. The main storage capacitor is pure death."
... some more amazing high speed pics after the click below...
via boingboing.

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