Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ai Weiwei released on Bail

Am 19.4. ist er verschwunden, jetzt wurde er auf Kaution wieder freigelassen - Ai Weiwei, Künstler, Poet und politischer Aktivist ist wieder zu Hause!!! Anscheinend hat er gestanden, Steuern hinterzogen zu haben WHAT THE FUCK...!!!


The Beijing police department said Wednesday that Ai Weiwei has been released on bail because of his good attitude in confessing his crimes as well as a chronic disease he suffers from.
The decision comes also in consideration of the fact that Ai has repeatedly said he is willing to pay the taxes he evaded, police said.
The Beijing Fake Cultural Development Ltd., a company Ai controlled, was found to have evaded a huge amount of taxes and intentionally destroyed accounting documents, police said.
via boingboing.
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