Thursday, June 9, 2011


Michael Levin macht fantastische Bilder, wie dieses hier. Und Brad Kremer hat ein tolles Video über ihn gemacht . zum Genießen!!!

Brad Kremer sez:
I wanted to document Michael at work, in Japan, in a way that hasn't really been explored with photographers. I told Michael of my idea to make an artistic representation of his experiences in the Land of the Rising Sun - to show him in his working environment in a way that complimented his work. Not to explain it with words, but to feel it through the flow of the film. I wanted to show the process, the journey, the adventure in a way that would give the viewer and emotional connection to Michael and his photography.
The final result is something that I think is truly original…something that showcases who Michael is, and more importantly, what his work is all about. This film is a collaboration between Michael and I and our love for photography, film, Japan and adventure. This is a subject that Michael and I are continuing to explore as we plan more trips together, more films and more adventures.
I hope you enjoy!
Of course :-)
via whudat
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