Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sergein Eisenstein's Mexican Footage

Ein schöner (Stumm-) Film über Mexico von 1931 - gibt es sicher nicht allzu viele:-))) Und dann auch noch über Tänzer - schon ein wenig schräg :-)))

Eisenstein went to Mexico in 1931 with assistant director Eduard Tisse and producer Grigory Alexandrov to shoot a film about the country’s mythic landscape with the financial help of writer Upton Sinclair, the muck-racking genius behind 1905’s controversial slaughterhouse exposé The Jungle, and his wife Mary Craig. Shooting stopped in 1932 after a series of financial mishaps with most of the work completed, though one of the film’s segments couldn’t be filmed. The Stalinist regime prevented Eisenstein from ever seeing Que viva México! as he had intended it.
via dangerous minds
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