Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Martha Cooper

Ein sehr schönes Video von "Here comes the Neighborhood", die verschiedene kurze Filmchen rund um Streetart und Graffiti veröffentlichen. In dieser Episode es um Martha Cooper, die mit Ihrer Kamera in Miami unterwegs war... Sooper!!!

Nice episode by "Here comes the Neighborhood", showing streetart photographer Martha Cooper in Miami...
"Legendary photographer Martha Cooper has been documenting graffiti and graffiti writers since the late 1970s. Her and Henry Chalfant’s book “Subway Art”, originally published in 1984, was largely responsible for the globalization of graffiti. She has remained a fixture in the community and culture, and has been documenting the Wynwood Walls since the project began in 2009. Her photos tell the story of the Wynwood Walls from its inception to expansion, and all of the artists and their respective works. In graffiti and street art, nothing is permanent, even commissioned walls. Because of the temporary nature of the medium, Martha’s photos outlast almost every piece of graffiti or street art itself."
via publique
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