Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Production of Moroccan Hashish - a fascinating Documentary

Mein erstes Posting im neuen Jahr: Eine interessante Dokumentation von Daniel Grabner (2003) über die Herstellung und den Vertrieb von Haschisch in Marokko. 

Aus der Kategorie "... was Sie schon immer mal wissen wollten, aber nie zu fragen wagten..." :-)

Daniel Grabner’s 2003 documentary Haschich is a fascinating look into the world of hashish artisans living in Ketama, Morocco.
Simple yet filled with detail, the film reveals the daily rituals revolving around the production and business of hash and the centuries-old society of the men who make it. For many of us, hashish evokes a certain exotic mystique, but Grabner’s film shows us that the production of hashish is as ordinary as the work clothes worn by its producers. The end result may be something sought out by connoisseurs of mind-altering smoke willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a finger-sized chunk of Moroccan Caramello, but the process of its creation is far less romantic than the dreams that smoke will generate. 
Beautifully photographed and with a lovely soundtrack of traditional Moroccan music, Haschich is so intimate that you can practically smell and taste the sweetness of its subject.
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