Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prime Burger NYC

Ein sehr schönes Porträt des Prime Burger Restaurants in Manhattan. Das Restaurant wurde in den 1930ern eröffnet und seit den 60ern nicht mehr verändert.

Das Video stammt von thismustbetheplace, die momentan noch zwei weitere Dokus bereitstellen.

 Prime Burger Restaurant, in Midtown Manhattan:
For many of the guys that work here, the restaurant is like a second home - some of them have been slinging burgers, making shakes, and waiting on customers at this location for decades. Opened in 1938, the place hasn't been altered since the early '60s, and it looks all the better for it.
Here the waiters and workers of Prime Burger discuss their views on their chosen profession, and the unique nature of the place itself."
via nerdcore
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