Saturday, February 11, 2012

Space is the Place - Sun Ra Film (1974)

Trippiger, extrem abgefahrener SciFi B-Movie aus den 70ern. Was soll man da noch mehr sagen: Einfach anschauen und freuen :-)))

Der Film von John Coney in voller Länge...

"A trippy alchemical potion of a movie, Space Is The Place inhabits an alternative reality that could only exist in the Afrodelic cosmology of Saturnian jazz priest Sun Ra.
Directed by John Coney in 1974, the movie is a hybrid of B-grade sci-fi, Blaxploitation flix (on shrooms), the films of Kenneth Anger and surrealist head trips like El Topo and the electric western Zachariah."
Have fun!!!
via dangerousminds.
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