Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sigurd Larsen & Michael Johansson - Real Life Tetris

Tetris für Große 8-)
"Sigurd Larsen found his path in life relatively early on. “I played Lego into my teenage years,” the Danish designer and architect recalls. “Even today I sometimes use Lego to make models.” These days, however, he’s found more materials to turn his ideas into reality, and that also includes people. “As an architect working with spaces, I´ve been very inspired how Michael Johansson works with three-dimensional objects and almost turns them two-dimensional,” Larsen says. The Danish designer and Swedish artist had never met before, but found an instant connection while snooping around an old junk market in Berlin.
via whudat.

The Danish designer and Swedish architect discusses Legos, spatial logic, and how one man’s trash is another’s treasure. More on

Produced by Stefan Adrian / Filming, Photos & Editing by Oliver Schenk / Music by Bunnystripes

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