Monday, January 28, 2013

STEELY DAN mixtape by Nickodemus 1997

Steely Dan - meine Band der späten 70er 8-)
"At the time, I was not much of a Steely Dan fan... I only knew some hits & liked the songs sampled by De La Soul & Lord Tariq / Peter Gunz. However, I had a whole new appreciation for the brilliant meticulous writers & producers after I had a chance to really dig into the music! I was asked to take anything I wanted from their LP's & mix them up for an editor to cut a Steely Dan Documentary to it. The editor asked specifically to mix it up with originals, samples, scratches & effects, so I got to it with 2 turntables, an ASR-10 sampler & recorded straight to cassette. For all you Steely Dan fans out there, please help with the track ID's, this was done in my bedroom around 1997 & I have no idea where these records are hiding in the crates anymore. Enjoy! "
via soulguru.

We will, Nickodemus, for sure 8-)))

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