Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scorch & Wood: A Phantom Camera Short

Mal wieder ein sehr schönes Sk8- Video 8-)
via ronny.

We went out filming with the Powell-Peralta skate team in Los Angeles a while back. It wasn't hard to convince the crew that skating straight through a fountain of fireworks would be a brilliant idea. And so it was!

This video was shot on a Phantom V12.1 High-Speed camera from Vision Research. Its no Phantom Flex, but it sure as hell performed the way we needed it to! These clips were shot at frame rates varying from 1500FPS to 6900FPS in RAW 720p.

Thanks to Deville Nunes & Terry LaRue for helping get the crew together.

Special Thanks to all the awesome skateboarders who put their body's on the line to get these awesome clips!

Skaters (in order of appearance)
Steven Reeves
Brad McClain
Chad Bartie
Josh Hawkins
Jordan Hoffart
Aldrin Garcia

Phantom Camera Operation
Darren Dyk & Brandon Baldwin

Directed by Brandon Baldwin and Darren Dyk
Edited by Darren Dyk

American Royalty - ' Blood Keys'

-Darren Dyk (aka Skapo)
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