Sunday, March 24, 2013

G R A N T E D (01:00)

Bei uns kommt das Wasser aus dem Hahn... bei uns!
Sehr schönes Video 8-)
via vimeo.

The idea for this one minute video comes from something my mom told me when I was a child, that I never forgot and which is still true today.

Following an interesting comment I received, I would like to say that to make this video, I followed the different people of my family and some friends as they were really using the water in their daily tasks. I did not ask them to re-do something, there was only one take. No water was wasted in the making of the video!

You can see still images of this video here:

This video is part of SHADES OF GREEN / Eco-Art Exhibition / April 2013 / Georgia College, US.
"The idea of combining artwork with information about environmental responsibility and sustainability helps to solidify the ideas of an Earth friendly lifestyle and often serves as an ongoing reminder of what the students and the community learn during Shades of Green, Earth Day, and the Sustainability Council at Georgia College. By connecting Shades of Green, the Sustainability Council, and Earth Day, Georgia College and our community are learning new information throughout the year."

Shades of Green On Facebook:
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