Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Ein russischer Bauer entdeckt die große weite Welt... nette Geschichte von Esquire Russland :-)))

Esquire's (Russia) September issue is about common and ordinary people, not celebrities. This is the story of Vasily Ilyn, a retired farmer from the village of Ryshkovo, on a first time journey to see the world, New York, the ocean, and a cover photo shoot for Esquire.

director, camera, editor: Alexander Khudokon
idea: Dmitry Golubovsky, Maxim Nikanorov
producer: Lev Maslov
associate producers: Katja Kagan, Polina Eremenko
sound fx: Vadim Kolosov
music: VTGNIKE
production: STEREOTACTIC
shot on Kodak film

Moscow 2013
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