Monday, October 7, 2013

The Gaff presents "Funk The World 13"

Here we go - you funk lovers :-)))

"Wow! When I was asked to contribute to Fort Knox's Epic 'Funk The World' series, I was ecstatic! Given a month time to work on it, the pressure was on! Taking Fans 'around the world' through a musical journey is one of my favourite ways to flaunt obscure sounds. Within these 45 minutes, you'll hear Funk Drums, Latin Melodies & Rhythms, Lebanese Funk, Afrobeat, Brazilian, Latin Jazz, African Funk, Cumbia, and of course, since it's 'Fort Knox'; BREAKBEATS! Much of this is recorded from the original vinyl, and you'll hear a grip of exclusive edits & blends to this mix! Enjoy!"

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