Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rain On My Parade //mixtape

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.
“And as he drove on, the rainclouds dragged down the sky after him, for, though he did not know it, Rob McKenna was a Rain God. All he knew was that his working days were miserable and he had a succession of lousy holidays. All the clouds knew was that they loved him and wanted to be near him, to cherish him, and to water him.” (Douglas Adams - So long and thanks for all the fish)

Tinush – A Child’s Dream
James Vincent McMorrow – A Higher Love (C-ro Edit)
ToE – Ships (Stefan Biniak Private Edit)
Liftboi – Pianissimo
Of monsters and men – Dirty Paws (Niklas Ibach Edit)
Ghost Poet – Meltdown (Parra for Cuva Remix)
Stefan Biniak – The noble art of letting go
Major Lazer – Get free (Pretty Pink Flutes & Lazers Edit)
Lily Kershaw – As it seems (De Hofnar Edit)
Fink – Perfect Darkness (Markus Toepfer Edit)
Maxim – Rueckspiegel (Peer Kusiv Remix)
Arian Hagen – When I see her (Nico Pusch Remix)
Tom Katta & DJ Chai – Spätsommer
Felix Jaehn & De Hofnar – Roar of love
MarcDePulse feat. Boe van Berg – Nimm dir was du brauchst
Thalstroem & Grambow – Spacelion (Marlon Hoffstadt & HRRSN Remix)
Feist – Caught a long wind (Lexer’s Little Bird Remake)
Chinawoman – Left you at the farm (Naxxos Remix)
Roo Panes – Once (Schulze & Schultze Remix
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