Wednesday, December 18, 2013

EINE NACHT MIT...KANTINE AM BERGHAIN BERLIN 12.12.13 (greg wilson live mix) //mixtape

"I played a hugely enjoyable 8 hour marathon at Kantine am Berghain in Berlin last Thursday, and although I wasn’t able to record the whole night, I did manage to get the first 3 hours and the final hour and a half. So this is a mix in 2 parts – the first 185 minutes a downtempo groove fest, whilst from 3.05.26 onwards we’re into the final furlongs of the party with proceedings much more upbeat."
Geniales Tape - daß Greg ein großartiger DJ ist bedarf keiner weiteren Erläuterungen :-))) 
Läuft hier schon den halben Tag ;-)
Phantastic tape!!! NJoy and have a great party, 4 1/2 hours - nice :-)))

via sc.

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