Saturday, February 8, 2014

How Many?

Nice :-)))

The first in a series, looking into the minds of a select few that go unnoticed.

How many, looks at one of the UK's most influential rollerbladers Leon Humphries who provides insight into a reoccurring dream he has that brings him and other skaters together.

Creative: Contrast Collective
Director / Phantom Miro Operator: Sim Warren
1st AD / Producer: Mia Xerri
Executive Producer: Pete Shuttleworth
Voice over: Leon Humphries
B Camera / FS700: Ed Inglis
Camera Assistants: Diogo Atadini & Tom Sharman
BTS Photography: Andrew Pearce

To follow the series and find out more about The Contrast Collective

Phantom Camera Hire:

A huge thank you to all the rollerbladers involved.

Twitter: @TheCCFilmMake

Music: Forest Swords - Thor's Stone -
via maik.
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