Thursday, March 6, 2014

Agent Double-O-Soul, A Soundtrack Selection

Here are some "cinemagic" grooves for you! The theme song for this compilation is by Ray Charles (at the piano) and Billy Preston as singer and dancer. It was taken from a video and closes this MAD-ley :-) The duet of James Brown with Mike Douglas (not to be mistaken with the actor) is from a TV-Show around 1970. In August 2001 I had the chance to give this and other TV-Clips to James Brown himself. He really loved it! A moment never to be forgotten! Also the J.B.'s under the direction of Fred Wesley are featured with an untitled movie only track. I simply called it "Down the road, down the line" as it is a car scene. A great little instrumental, that didn't make the 1973 "Slaughter Album". Enjoy!
Tolle Zusammenstellung- schönen Donnerstag :-)))
Great funky and soulful compilation - njoy and... have a nice day :-)))

via mc.
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