Monday, March 17, 2014

DJ EXCEED - The Return Of The Soulmessenger (2014) //tape

Classic soul, yepp :-)))

01.Albert King - I Wanna Get Funky
02.The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
03.Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing
04.Lyn Collins - Take Me As I Am
05.Barry White - Playing Your Game, Baby
06.Leroy Hutson - So Nice
07.Johnnie Tailor - Somebody's Gettin' It
09.The Vibrations - Shake it Up
09.Willie Hutch - Love Me Back
10.Aretha Franklin - When I Think About You
11.Rick James - Mary Jane
12.Robert Upchurch - The Devil Made Me Do it
13.Bobby Womack - Nobody Wants You When You're Down & Out
14.Billy Paul - Let The Dollar Circulate
15.Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - We Got The Recipe
16.Prince Geno & Tailor Mades - Brand New Man With The Master Plan
17.Les Mccann - Go On and Cry
18.Faze O - Riding High
19.Marlena Shaw - Woman Of The Ghetto
20.Dawson Smith - I Don't Know If I Can Make it Pt. 1
21.Julius Brockington - This Feeling
22.Sir Joe Quarterman - The Way The Do My Life
23.The Meters - It Ain't No Use
24.Carol King - It's Too Late
25.Jean Carn - Don't Let it Go To Your Head
26.The O'Jays - Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet Tender Love)
27.Donald Byrd - Dominoes
28.Olympic Runners - Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is
29.Mighty Ryeders - Evil Vibrations
30.Exit 9 - Miss Funky Fox
31.Burning Desire - Why She Had To Go
32.Barbara St. Clair - Teacherman
33.Ellipsis - People
via uwe.
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