Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Handpicked BLUES Selection

The Soul Preacher sez: 
"It's alright to have the BLUES sometimes and this might be a very special play list feat. well known soul singers and just as much appreciated blues giants. "Home Again" (11) by James Brown was the first song that I played, after I heard about his sudden death in December 2006. The track is so bluesy, peaceful and laid back, that I thought it would be the right choice for the moment – and it was. Let's remember him by playing his music. Joy Fleming (last song) sings the Blues in german language. Well, some Germans even would say this is not german as she uses the unmistakable idiom from the city of Mannheim. But if you speak german you will be very well amused about the hilarious lyrics. I really love this tune not only for the music. Joy was the only german singer to record on Jerry Wexler's "Atlantic" label."
Blues - das hatten wir so auch noch nicht. Schön :-)))
Blues - for some change, hope u like it :-)))

via mc.
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