Monday, March 10, 2014


Sehr schönes Tape, passt hervorragend zum sonnigen Morgen :-)))
Very nice compilation for this very nice and sunny morning - njoy :-)))

1-I like the way you make me feel -Light of the world
2-I can't help it -- Michael jackson ( Todd Terje Rekutt)
3-I just wanna make you happy Peven Everett
4-Get down to the floor -JTQ Feat ROy Ayers
5-Love in the Tub touch -Fatback band
6-The Bottle - Maysa Leak
7-Feel that we have - Alankara,Jazzy D,Lodewijk Van Gorp.
8-Thank you - The layabouts Pete Simpson
9-Love gonna gets you - Shane D & Jocelyn Brown
10-The World is love --Steve "Silk" Hurley &the voices of life (Shane D)
11-Off the wall (Shane D remix 96) Michael Jackson
11-I want your love(Shane D especial edit) - Chic
12-The playback - George Mena& Franke Estevez
13.Never gonna give you up(shane D remix) Rick Ashley
via sc.
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