Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love Affairs - Carmen's Soulful Session //tape

Die Sonne scheint - Soul - passt :-)))
What a great and sunny day :-)))

1.Here With You - The Layabouts
2.Running To Love - Andrea Love 
3.Give It 2 U - Ultra Nate 
4.I Wanna Go - Stereo Mutants feat Jannae Jordon 
5.Find The Way - Ethan White & Lisa Shaw 
6.For All U Do - Soulstar Syndicate 
7.The Most Beautiful Boy In Brazi - Physics 
8.I'm Movin' - Ono 
9.Just Can't Stop - Steven Stone
10.Free To Go - Steven Stone Feat. David Bruce Whitley
11.Slowdown - Eyereel Allstars
12.First Flight - Physics
via sc.
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