Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nigerian Funk

"Here's good one hour of nigerian Funk. The picture is the cover from the original single of Track 1 and 2. James Brown is not part of the recording but Orlando and the "Godfather" took a picture together on Brown's tour through Africa in 1970. Julius recorded a promotional song for Brown and that's why the picture made the cover. A very exclusive item. I took the songs from an Orlando Julius chronicle though, as I was not bidding high enough for the original pressing. After a low starting bid the record reached an unreasonable price during an auction, but the seller was kind enough to share the cover, what I'm doing now. I'm dedicating this mix to my nigerian reverend friend Brandon. He formerly worked in Cologne, Germany, always loved "my music" and will hear this mix from Nigeria. So the music floats back to where it came from and the little detour makes you jump up on the funky sooooul train. Hear the whistle?"
Exceptionally good news music from Nigeria!!!

via mc.
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