Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bad Day at the Office - Full Short Film

As featured on Gizmodo!:

Wallace D. Popple's workday delivers a series of painful mishaps. Yet within this off-kilter tale about happiness lies a twist for the twisted.

' Everything a short film trailer should be! Funny, corky, sad and confusing '

Film Shortage

Another Aesthetica Festival review!

"My favourite out of the bunch (ASFF 2014) was Bad Day At The Office, another short film to deliver Dr Suess-esque narration, explaining why a kick in the balls to start the day might indeed be quite a good thing."

"Bad Day at the Office (2013) gets the biggest laugh...The film portrays normality as masochism; in an inspired visual gag, we get a glimpse of this fictional company’s Employee of the Month sheet, a gallery of ever-more-crippled go-getters preparing for a long hospital stay."
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