Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Homeless Dude with Golden Voice

Mal wieder eine tolle Internet Geschichte: Ein Kamerateam endeckt einen Obdachlosen mit einer genialen Stimme und mittlerweile sitzt er schon in den ersten Radiashows - genial! Das Video wurde über reddit verbreitet und mittlerweile schon über 4 Mio. mal angeschaut (seit 3.1.)!!! Bei reddit werden auch ständig die neuesten Infos gepostet, spannend!

What a story: Some guys meet the guy, took a video, uploaded to youtube and published on reddit. Looks like he already found a job within 2 days! Congratulations! All updates can be found on reddit.

UPDATE-FINAL: Well everyone. You can give yourselves and Ted a high-five. He's being given offers hand-over-fist over the air. He'll be set for life.
My request to all. Whenever you run across a story such as this, don't assume it'll take a life of its own, on its own. It won't. It can't. There are too many other stories that drown out the one before it.
You need to spend time to get that story and its word out to many. If you care, you'll do it.
Keep the faith, pay forward and always lend a hand; even if you're the one who needs it.
God bless Mr. Williams. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him for sometime to come.
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