Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remember the 70s

Just Following #Fukushima on twitter:

RT @: FLASH:  chief cabinet secretary says risk of explosion at building housing  Daiichi No. 3 reactor
what about this, incredible:
 Nitasha de Vries 

:-)) RT @: On a side note: Amazon Germany notices increased sales of Geiger counters: 
some news in parallell:

Japan says! Explosion Danger in Fukushima Nuclear Reactor! LIVE (  live at)
In the 70s people tried to fight against nuclear power, demonstrations and the famous stickers... Out of this massive movement the green party in Germany and other countries was established, but in the end, we are facing at least one - might be more - melting reactors, WTF!!!

So that time the sun was smiling... Here is a short explanation to this logo from brandsoftheworld:
The “Smiling Sun” logo was designed in April 1975 within OOA (Organisationen til Oplysning om Atomkraft), which was organising the Danish anti-nuclear power campaign. Within a few years the logo was translated into some 45 other national and regional languages and has become the most common symbol of the anti-nuclear power movement worldwide.
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