Thursday, September 1, 2011

Street Surfing - Hamboards

Sieht ganz nett aus, was Familie Hamborg da zeigt - ihre selbstentwickelten Hamboards. Anscheinend kann man sich damit auf der Straße bewegen, wie auf dem Wasser. Muss mal recherchieren, was der Spaß kostet, sieht zumindest super aus!!!

The project took eight years to be completed, and the result, is feeling like you’re out in the water on your surfboard… Surfers and skate boarders from around the world, order the extra-long skateboard for a fun, classic and different ride.
That is actually why we started making these for ourselves - so I could teach my sons how to surf. Now we all use them when the waves are small and when we want to learn a new maneuver . So, all said...YES, they are very much like surfing.
Have fun guys :-)))
via whudat.
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